Welcome to my family history blog, the eLuceydator. My name is Dave Lucey and my passion for genealogy began 20 years ago, when my father told me about a typewritten “memorandum” written by Jack Ineson that detailed my 2nd great-grandfathers family (which Jack had married into). Since I got my hands on that copy, I’ve documented most lines back to the early 1800’s and found several new cousins along the way. My lines are mainly from Ireland (Kerry and Cork), Lithuania, Germany and Italy.

By way of this blog, I hope to preserve some family stories, document brick walls and hopefully provide future generations of my family the head-start that the Ineson memorandum gave me. It would be nice to meet more cousins as well! Hit the “Hey, we’re related!” page and send me a message.

The name eLuceydator came from a inter-company newsletter that I found from the Lucey Manufacturing Company circa 1920.

Inter-company newsletter from the Lucey Manufacturing Company, circa 1920

Those who do not look upon themselves as a link, connecting the past with the future, do not perform their duty to the world. – Daniel Webster

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Dave, Hello, I’m also related to Jonathan Stanhope. My father’s grandmother was Annie Hayward, whom he dearly loved. Not so much Sewall, though. I can be reached at pointsettia60@hotmail.com. I cannot find when Annie Amelia died. Also have neighbor who descends from Annie’s sister’s (Etta) line. We have much to share. Hope to hear from you, Susan (Stanhope) Garland


I read the list of surnames and there are two that immediately caught my attention. Boynton and Carter. William and John Boynton immigrated from England and settled in Rowley, MA. (my father’s line Boyington) and James Carter on my dad’s mothers line. I started Ancestry in a focused manner in October 2014 and have traced most of the relatives back to 1700’s. My sister-in-law encouraged me to do my DNA testing which I did with 23andMe.
I hope you are still around and doing ancestry. I see the posts are very old.


Hi Jean, yes I’m still around and doing ancestry, I just haven’t had time to do much posting since November. I hope to get back to writing soon. Feel free to send me an email


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