Lucey OBrien

Wordless Wednesday – The Lucey Grandchildren

"The Lucey Grandchildren"

On the back – “The Lucey Grandchildren”

This picture was probably taken in the spring of 1915 in Rochester, New Hampshire, I’m pretty sure my grandfather Vincent is one of the babies in the front row, he was born in Sept 1914.

Vinny’s brothers  are also in the picture: Donald (second from left, back row), Gerald (center, back row) and Richard (far right, back row).

Other possibles, all cousins to Vinny: Mary Lucey Corson and David Joseph Lucey (the other two babys), Bernadette and Mary Frances Lucey (Davids older sisters, girls in the front row), John Francis Lucey (back row, far left). 3 are unidentified.

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