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“We lost some noble men”: The 1st Maine Heavies at Harris Farm

150 years ago today… great post from Chris Mackowski on the Emerging Civil War blog on the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery.

Emerging Civil War

Bloomsbury, the home of Harris Clement Harris’s home, Bloomsbury

May 19, 1864, was “a day long to be remembered by the 1st Maine Heavy,” wrote a member of the regiment, “as it was on this day that we received our baptism of fire and learned the stern duties of a soldier.”

With the Overland Campaign bleeding the Army of the Potomac dry, Ulysses S. Grant called for fresh blood. Among those answering the call were “heavy artillery” units from the defenses around Washington—including the 1st Maine Heavies, shipping south from Fort Sumner, located in what is now Bethesda, Maryland.

No sooner had they joined the army, though, than they found themselves embroiled in a hot fight.

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One reply on ““We lost some noble men”: The 1st Maine Heavies at Harris Farm”

David, I have been enjoying all your Civil War posts, so well written and I get so absorbed in the stories. I look forward to more posts!


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