Coming to America, Part 1

One of the first things I wanted to know when I started working on my family history was when my family came to America. Of course, there is more than just one immigration to answer that question, so this will be a multi-part post covering each family line. First up, my 2nd great-grandfather, James Edward Lucey (1848-1934) who left Queenstown (Cobh) Ireland in 1853 with his mother and brother.

Mary, John and James, coming to America aboard the Meridian. They arrived on 12 Nov, 1853.

James came to America aboard the Meridian with his mother Mary and brother John in late 1853. Sisters Mary and Anne remained in Ireland. Mary came to America later, but Anne stayed in Cobh and married John Mann.

First record of my Lucey family in the U.S.
James, Mary and sons John and James in Brighton, MA 1855

This is the first and only record of James Edward Lucey (1848-1934, enumerated as James Lucy Jr) with both of his parents in the United States. By 1860, the family had moved to the Ballardvale section of Andover, MA.