Those Places Thursday – The Lucey home

The Lucey home, 66 Church St, Gonic, NH

When James Edward Lucey, his wife Johanna and 3 sons moved to Rochester, NH from South Groveland, MA in 1879, this is where they made their home, 66 Church St. The house remained in the family through the next generation, not sure of the exact date (probably 1970’s). UPDATE – I found a “History of Gonic House” that Jack Ineson likely typed up in the 1980’s. In May 1981 the house was sold to Louis Gouptil by Mary C. Ineson.

The house had a tennis court in the 1920’s!

Around 2002 I visited the house and spoke to the current owner, who was nice enough to give me a letter that was found beneath the floor boards during a remodel. It was an Oct 1934 letter addressed to one of James’ daughters from a local attorney, Conrad Snow, offering condolences on the death of her father.