Wordless Wednesday – The Baby Book, 1907…

Frances Teresa Lucey was the first child of my great-grandparents, James and Mary (O’Brien) Lucey.

The last note: At 3 o’clock, Sat(urday). P.M. June 8th 1907, dear little baby Frances life went up to Heaven with the angels.

5 replies on “Wordless Wednesday – The Baby Book, 1907…”

I remember reading this 15 or so years ago when my kids were young and crying because I couldn’t comprehend how hard this was. Tributes like this make the people come alive.
So sad


Thank you for sharing! I really liked the way you presented the information. The birth announcement and height chart pulled me into the story–and I could really sense the mother’s love for her child. And, the ending was so sad.


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